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Are You Ready For Full-Time Freelancing?

There comes the point in many freelancers’ lives where the idea of going full-time becomes too tempting to pass up. 

If you’ve already made some headway in the field, why not now? Read on to see if you’re ready to make the full-time plunge.

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Important Money Lessons For A New Freelancer

Whether you start a freelance business to make some extra cash on the side or go full-time to replace your current income, the bottom line is the same. You’re in it to make money.

Keep reading to learn more about important money lessons I learned as freelance writer

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How A Mastermind Group Made Me Thousands of Dollars

While some love the ever-changing pace, others (like myself) can get pretty intimidated. So where should a brand-new freelancer start?

The answer is simple. Join a mastermind group!

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How I Schedule My Day as a Freelance Writer

One of the best things about running your own freelance writing business is that the old 9-5 is a thing of the past.

But with all the benefits of being your own boss comes one slight hitch.

How do you go about scheduling your days?

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Freelance Writing

Should I Change My Career to Follow My Passion?

Growing up, you’re told to follow your path. But what if following your path, means changing it?


The *Best* Apps for Freelance Writers

Check out this curated list of the best apps and programs for freelancers.

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4 Ways To Cope When Your Freelance-Writing Pitch Goes Unanswered

“A “yes” is a job. A “no” is “try again next time.” What do you make of radio silence? You worked hard on that pitch, and you hear crickets in return. What then?”

The Write Life

Escaping The Rat Race

Case Study on Working From Home


Freelance Writing

How Rejection Helps you Succeed as a Freelancer

No one will deny that being rejected can really sting your ego, but there is a lot that can be learned from being turned down.

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How to Get Paid What You Deserve

Whether you’re new to the freelancing scene or a seasoned pro, you’ll need a firm grasp on how to negotiate to give your business a leg up. Dive in and take a crash-course in negotiation to help you get that rate you deserve!

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Money and Business

Digital Marketing Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

Check out this list of the top digital marketing trends to learn how to stay on top of your marketing game.


How To Develop The Best Salesforce CRM Practices For Success

Without setting best practices, you’re essentially trying to put together a puzzle without seeing the image on the top of the box. 


How To Check Your Credit Score Online

Have you ever paid to check your credit score? If you answered yes, bad news. You’ve been had. In this day and age, technology has made it simple for anyone to check their credit score online, for free.


7 Money Saving Tips To Help With Moving

Moving is expensive.

Getting from your old home to your new one is considered the last leg of this expensive journey. Follow these seven tips to help with moving and all the associated costs.


Health and Fitness

Everything You Need To Know About Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts have remained a “super seed” for so long, for many reasons. This multifaceted food is not only chock-full of crazy good-for-you nutrition but is extremely versatile in the way it can be consumed.


Baby Nutrition:How To Transition To Feeding Solid Food

Keep reading for an in-depth look at what you need to know about baby nutrition. We’ll also discuss the what and when of transitioning to solid food.


Baby 101: The Best Foods For Top Baby Nutrition

It’s a time for funny faces, flying food and frustrations. It’s also an important time for you as parents to understand your babies nutritional needs.


What Is Muay Thai (And What It’s Not)

Explore the rich history and benefits of practicing Muay Thai.


Home and Lifestyle

The 5 Most Popular Colors For Bathrooms

Whether you’re going for a full remodel or just a touch-up, paint color plays a significant role in design. Particularly true in bathrooms, the paint color can make or break a room.


Freshen Up Your Home With Pet Odor Removal

Your floors may be shined and your shelves dust-free but there’s that one little thing keeping you from a squeaky clean home. Pet odor.


Essential Questions You Should Always Ask A Plumber

Chances are you don’t know much about the inner workings of your plumbing, which is why you turn to a professional. 

How can you make sure you’re choosing the right plumber for the job?


How to Create The Best Surround Sound System For Your Home Theater

Tips for creating a stellar home theater with surround sound system sure to please.