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Hi! I’m Leila Mooney! I like long walks on the beach and..wait..no, that’s not what we’re doing here.

I’m a freelance writer-for-hire, wife and millennial (love or hate the term, that’s what I am!). I currently live in Queens, NY with my husband and our aging dog Kenny.

I enjoy writing about a variety of lifestyle topics and when I’m not writing, you can find me curled up with a book. I’m a wine enthusiast, coffee addict and could most likely subsist on appetizers alone.

My educational background is in Child and family Studies and I have over 9 years of experience in both Early Childhood Education and Elementary Aged Education. I spent most of my career working in the non-profit world as well as teaching. My super power? I can create activities for kids using next to nothing (I’m a modern day MacGyver).