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Treehouse Society Coworking Space

How To Improve Your Freelance Business With Coworking Spaces

I’m a millennial. I happily embrace the title while rejecting the negative stereotypes associated with it. We’re more than a movement; we’re the future. What’s even more, we encompass an entire lifestyle.

Raised in the age of technology, we’re afforded so many more opportunities than generations before us. As it used to be, starting a business was a costly venture. These days, as long as you’ve got an internet connection, you’ve got a shot.

Armed with a laptop and a bit of that entrepreneurial spirit, millennials are changing the way the world works.

Ushered in with the age of millennials in the workforce are two trends that are shaking up the way we work. Firstly, freelancing fulltime is at an all-time high. According to one study, over 53 million Americans are freelancing, and that number is only growing.

Second is the rise of coworking spaces. For those of you who are not familiar, coworking space, in a nutshell, is where you can rent an office, desk or suite to run your business. It’s an innovating option for startups and entrepreneurs to work professionally while keeping their overhead costs down.

While coworking spaces are great for many types of people, one fact is undeniable. They offer some fantastic benefits that can help improve or even grow your business.

Work-Life Balance

While you still get to be your own boss, having a working destination offers freelancers a better chance of hitting that much-coveted work-life balance.

Coworking spaces are popping up all over the globe and offer flexibility to match any work style.

Many spaces are often 24/7, meaning whether you’re one to get up and work bright and early or if you do your best work into the wee hours, you have office space that fits your schedule.

Creates a Routine

Another chief complaint among freelancers is that while forgoing the time clock is all well and good, it can be all too easy to fall out of a productive schedule.

For me, my home office is in my living room. I love being able to roll out of bed, brew a pot of coffee and begin working at my own pace. However, I also know how quickly that cup of coffee can slide into a leisurely breakfast, and I wind up losing productive time.

Having a designated coworking space to show up to can help create a much-needed routine and can ultimately help you work smarter and more with fewer distractions (more on that later.)

No, if you show up to your shared desk an hour later than you originally planned, you won’t get lectured by your boss (who, coincidentally is YOU.) But it does give you a little bit of motivation to get out of your PJs in the morning and get to work knowing you have a place to go (other than your living room.)

Afterall, your business won’t work if you don’t.

Beat the Burnout

Being an entrepreneur can be a roller coaster experience. It also can be an isolating one.

As a freelance writer, it’s not at all uncommon to realize it’s 7 pm and I haven’t heard another human beings’ voice all day. (I’ll admit, I’ve found myself overly chatty with the mailman just to engage in conversation during the day.)

That kind of isolation, combined with dealing with the up and downs of running a business, can lead to burn out pretty quickly.

When I’m burnt out, I can’t produce my best work. When burnout hits, I find myself staring at my laptop screen, with a blinking cursor, wondering what the hell to do next.

Having an office or desk mate is a great way to cut through that isolation and be sure you stay ahead of the dreaded burnout.

coworking space

Help Bust Through a Creative Block

Coworking spaces are great because you can interact with other professionals, and draw inspiration from them.

I like to think of coworking spaces as a giant mastermind group, where each member brings something to the table. Seeing other entrepreneurs making their dreams work can rouse your inner muse and get you back on the creative train in no time.

Productivity Boost

As many people can attest, working from home comes with its drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks is that there are distractions aplenty.

It’s easy enough to say ” I’ll just tidy up this space while my coffee brews” and realize over an hour has passed.  Want to take a quick break and watch just ONE episode on Netflix and suddenly find you’ve lost two hours?  We’ve all been down that work-from-home rabbit hole.

When you use a coworking space, you’re much less likely to lose time checking your Facebook feed when the office around you is hard at work.

Additionally, the professional atmosphere alone may be enough to boost you into productive overdrive.


Besides offering a respite from the lonely workings of starting a business, coworking spaces provide many opportunities for developing professional relationships.

After all, what better way to network with other freelance professionals than to work alongside them? Many coworking spaces offer great benefits like weekly mixers or happy hour events where you can mingle with other professionals.

One coworking facility, The Treehouse Society, has even gone a step further and created a membership network where members can offer each other services at discounted rates. How’s that for a win-win?

Reap The Benefits of Coworking Spaces

The benefits and opportunities coworking spaces bring your business are plentiful. Whether you’re just starting out or just you need a boost to your business, coworking spaces are the up-and-coming way to rise to the top

If you’re struggling to grow your business or need a break from the home office monotony (or Starbucks, no judgments), look into renting coworking space.



Save $400 This Month, PAINLESSLY!

Small Swaps, big payoff!

Find yourself skipping Sunday brunch with the girls because those bottomless mimosas come into direct contradiction with the bottom of your bank account? Bailing on a nice dinner out because payday isn’t until next week? Sound familiar? We’ve all been there!

A good paycheck is hard to come by these days, even if you do work full time. Live in an expensive area like New York? Cut that check in half just paying your rent/mortgage. In a payroll panic reading how much of your check should go into your 401k/ IRA?

How about that face you just made reading that experts say you need 3-6 months worth of living expenses socked away for emergencies, MINIMUM. Can a girl live?? Have no fear; I have you covered!

I’ve put together a small list of a few tried and true tips on saving and cutting spending in ways that don’t involve you eating ramen noodles every night (unless you’re into that!).

These three small changes can add up leaving you with a bit of extra cash that can cushion any account (and they’re super easy to do!).

The Starbucks stops here.

With specialty drinks commonly priced at $5 a pop, this change is an easy one to make that can save you big bucks. Swap your weekly morning vanilla latte out with a cup of home brewed coffee with warm sweetened milk and you’ve saved over $20 a week!

Even if all you order up is venti drip coffee, this simple swap gives you an extra $15 by the weekend. A bag of GOOD beans costs anywhere between $10-12 bucks and will last you weeks (of course there are cheaper beans out there, I’m going off the assumption we all take our caffeine super seriously here)

Have a Keurig at home?

Stop buying those ridiculously priced (and bad for the environment) K-Cups. Bed Bath and Beyond sells reusable cups for as little at $8 that you can fill with your grinds from home!

I invested in both the single serve reusable cup as well as the reusable carafe cup that’s compatible with my Keurig 2.0. That way, I can make a pot of super strong java and chill it in the fridge (or share with my husband, if I’m in a sharing kind of mood) Find the reusable K-cup I have here!

Total Savings: $15-21/a week

Ditch the brown bag, but bring your lunch!

There are SO many cute options for lunch bags. (I linked some of my faves below) There’s no reason lugging in your lunch has to look anything less than enviable.

If you stop at the corner deli or cafeteria at your job every day, you’re sinking $10-15 bucks daily for what you could be eating for much less. It may take a bit of your time on Sunday, but meal-prepping is WORTH IT!

By making your lunch ahead of time, you only need to throw it into your awesome lunch bag and head out the door, saving you time AND money (win-win IMHO).

If you’re not into full on meal prepping just yet, making a sandwich or salad the night before using what’s in your fridge works just great! Even taking last night’s leftovers work in a pinch.

This small change saves both your wallet AND your waistline. Food that you make at home tends to be healthier than most grab and go options.

Total Savings: $50-75/a week

Secret Saver. 

Not good at contributing to your savings account? Use a self-saving app like DIGIT.

I found the Digit app just last year and have already saved over $800! It’s a huge lifesaver come holiday season! This app is super smart, painless and safe! (Accounts are FDIC-insured for up to $250,000)

After you give Digit permission to access your accounts, it begins watching your spending habits (revolving deposits, withdrawals and daily spending). It then decides the best way and time to save based on parameters you set.

Digit will withdraw a few dollars at a time and put them into a saving account you can withdraw from at any time.

Digit is also customizable, so you can tell Digit to stop saving if your account goes under a specified amount (so there’s no worry of overdrawing) as well as tell it to save more aggressively if you feel up to it.

You can use your newfound savings in any way you like. Transfer it to a savings account (one that will gain interest hopefully) or just have in the case of an emergency (and yes a girls night out may count as an emergency)!

The app is so easy to interface with, you can send a text message (you know, THE preferred method of communication these days) to Digit and get updates on savings balance, checking balance, recent spending and more! Digit becomes your very own personal and digital wealth manager! Click here to give Digit a try!

Total Savings: $70-80/month

*based on my average monthly saving

These three tiny saves rack up to a grand total of $330-$464 a month! You could use that to grow your emergency fund, finance a vacation or pay down some debt. (Or a combination of all three!) Finding small ways to save money is almost like getting a raise, from yourself!

What could you do with a few extra hundred a month? Tell me in the comment section below some of your tips on saving/finding some extra money each month!

Happy Saving!