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5 Simple Ways to RELAX (at home)

This time of year is a stressful one for me. There’s a ton going on, lots of deadlines to meet and I am STRESSED!

As someone who has struggled with anxiety most her life, I’ve learned how important self-care is.

Work gets hectic, your to-do list at home piles up and by the time you crawl into bed your mind is abuzz with a million things you didn’t get around to, that awkward thing you said at lunch a week ago, what’s on your plate tomorrow and the list goes on.

How can anyone possibly relax?

Well, I got you covered! All these can be done from the privacy of your living room and will cost you next to nothing (or nothing at all.)

Check out these tips below that work for me!

Pamper yourself.

Who has money (or time) to have a spa night after a rough, say, Tuesday at work? No need because you can totally give yourself a “spa-like” experience in your very own living room.

Give your tootsies a cooling treat and lather them up in a thick menthol cream (or Vicks vapor rub-not even kidding, give it a whirl), throw on a pair of thick socks and put those puppies up.

While resting your tired feet, slather on a face mask and feel the day melt away. I’m personally a huge fan of Tony Moly sheet masks.

Extra credit if you use some essential oils!

Get creative.

With so many outlets, it’s impossible not to find something to immerse yourself in.

Obviously, Pinterest is a huge resource for DIY projects but if you’re looking for something less involved try your hand learning something new.

Calligraphy looks gorgeous, even when it’s just profanities (Extra points if you put it into DIY Pinterest-y frame and decorate your room) Not super artsy? One of those “adult” coloring books is both distracting AND soothing. (I still take offense that there are “child” and “adult” coloring books, I resent having to choose between the two.)

Get cooking.

This one’s personal favorite of mine.

I find it soothing (and deliciously rewarding) to become immersed in a recipe. Take your time chopping and sautéing and more than likely the simmering aromas will get that workday stress off your mind.

Sure this one MAY require some planning ahead, finding a recipe and ensuring you have all the ingredients but of course there’s a way around that too!

Check out MyFridgeFood.com, input what you have on hand, and you’ll be given a list of things you can whip up, no shopping trip required! Bonus points if you make some comfort food because, duh, it’s comforting.


Hold the eye roll I’m SURE you’ve heard this one before, but I guess there’s a good reason for it. It works.

You don’t need to run out and sign up for a gym to work off some stress. Take a walk around the block, try a new at-home workout or even some static stretching.

When my mind is racing at night, I try some deep stretching in bed and usually can release enough tension to get sleepy. Got a little time? Try Zumba on Wii. If you’re anywhere near as uncoordinated as I am, you not only get your blood pumping, but a have a good laugh at yourself as well, which brings me to…

Have a laugh.

I get it; sometimes a rough day leaves you with zero energy to move further than the couch.

Turn on a short, funny TV show (Impractical Jokers gets me every time) out try a new podcast ( How Did This Get Made never fails to give me a chuckle). Even if you’re not feeling happy-go-lucky, sometimes a laugh can lighten the tension just enough to get comfortable. (Extra bonus points if you try this with #1)

Have any other tricks that work for you? Let me know; I’m always on the hunt for finding my zen!

Happy Relaxing!